Volunteer Message

Like all of Northeast Wisconsin, Pillars has been affected by our region’s COVID-19 outbreak. Pillars is working closely with public health officials to keep our clients, our staff, our volunteers and the community safe.  By now, every aspect of Pillars programming has been affected by COVID-19: Pillars Adult Shelter, Pillars Adult & Family Shelter, Pillars Resource Center, clients, volunteers, and staff.

Your volunteerism is valued; YOU are valued. We share this information so you can make an informed decision about volunteering with Pillars.

First, any volunteer who has close contact with a positive case while at Pillars will be contacted individually — by Pillars, by public health officials, or both. If you are not contacted individually, you have not to our knowledge been exposed at Pillars.

Pillars, in conjunction with the City of Appleton, Outagamie County, and public health officials, has a detailed plan for confirmed cases and exposed clients, staff and volunteers.

Confirmed client cases:

–        Clients receiving a positive COVID-19 test will be isolated off-site immediately.

–        Confirmed cases are isolated off-site for the maximum CDC-recommended number of days, or until they receive a negative test.

–        Contact tracing, within shelter, begins immediately following a positive test result.

Exposed individuals:

–        Individuals who have been in close contact with a positive case will be quarantined for the CDC-recommended number of days

Pillars staff:

–        Staff who test positive will isolate off-site for the CDC-recommended number of days.

–        Staff who have been exposed will quarantine until they receive a negative test.

–        If there are not enough staff to operate the shelter, staff who have been exposed and are asymptomatic will go into working quarantine.

o   Working quarantine means staff will continue to work on-site while awaiting test results.

o   Such staff will observe typical protective measures and exaggerated social distancing.

o   Volunteers will be informed as they arrive for their shift if a working quarantine is underway.

Pillars volunteers:

–        Pillars has suspended certain opportunities, some temporarily, and some permanently.

–        Pillars does not have restrictions on who may and may not volunteer. Rather, we wish to leave that choice to you as a volunteer. Pillars will strive to keep you informed so you can make the best decision for you.

–        Any volunteer believed to have been exposed to a positive case will be contacted individually by Pillars, public health officials, or both.

If you have any questions please email Tony Schneider.

Thank you for your patience, service, and dedication to providing your gifts and help to those in shelter.