Wish List

Donations may be dropped off at:
Pillars Adult & Family Shelter‐ open 24/7
400 N. Division Street, Appleton, 54911

Gas Gift Cards
13 gallon garbage bags
30 gallon garbage bags
55 gallon garbage bags
AAA Batteries
Air Fresheners‐ Non Aerosol
Alcohol‐free mouthwash
Amazon Gift Cards
Baby Monitors
Bath Towels
Bedding ‐ Twins/Full/Queen
Bike Helmets‐ Adult and Child Sizes Blankets ‐ Twins/Full/Queen
Chicken Broth
Clear Reusable Water Bottles
Coffee Creamer (Powdered or Single Serve) Coffee Grounds (Decaf or Regular)
Cold & Flu OTC Meds
Cough Drops
Digital Alarm Clocks
Dish Soap
Ear Buds‐ Adult and Child Sizes
Ear Plugs
Ethnic Hair Products ‐ Grease, Gel, Cream Flip Flops‐ Adult and Child Sizes
Foot Powder / Odor Eaters
Granola Bars
Grocery Gift Cards

Hand Soap
Hardware Store Gift Card
Individual Size Chips and Snacks for Lunches Jerky‐Single Serve
Laundromat Gift Cards
Laundry Baskets
Laundry Soap
Paper Coffee Cups with Lids
Paper Plates ‐ All Sizes
Paper Towels
Pillows ‐ Twins/Full/Queen
Plastic Spoons
Pots and Pans (new or gently used)
Salad Dressing
Sheets ‐ Twins/Full/Queen
Slippers‐ Adult and Child Sizes
Snacks for In‐Shelter Movie Night
Soup‐ Hearty Soup and Easy Open Tops Sugar and Single Serve Sugar
Tower Fans
Trail Mix
Travel Coffee Mugs
Umbrellas & Ponchos
Vacuums (new or gently used)
Valley Transit Bus Passes
Wash clothes
Wearable Bug Spray
Canned Fruit