Our Legacy


Since 1981, Homeless Connections has connected individuals and families to resources that promote independence and prevent future episodes of homelessness. In 1997, a 78-bed shelter was built to better serve the needs of our community. In addition to providing shelter, Homeless Connections provides services focused on street outreach, prevention, diversion and housing.

Founded in 1986, Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities works to enhance the dignity and independence of families by providing quality, affordable homes and exceptional supportive services. Housing programs have been created to serve the unique housing needs of various populations: mothers seeing domestic abuse, individuals who are chronically homeless, young adults, people with disabilities, veterans and others. What started as one home renovated by a group of volunteers now serves over 400 individuals annually.

Starting as a rotating shelter in 2008 and securing a shelter building in 2010, the Fox Valley Warming Shelter welcomes adult men and women experiencing homelessness. Today, the 55-person capacity shelter serves close to 600 individuals a year.

On October 1, 2018 the three organizations came together to become Pillars. Pillars stand the test of time and are a solid structure that will hold up our community for generations to come. As our community grows, it is inevitable that the need for shelter, support, and solutions will grow. Pillars is positioned to stand tall and continue to address the housing needs of our community.