Direct Support


Pillars goes beyond shelter by providing individuals & families with resources through a number of programs. Each program, while unique to a specific population, shares the common goals of securing and maintaining a home.

Pillars Street Outreach Program

Pillars Street Outreach Program connects individuals experiencing homelessness, who are also living with severe and persistent mental illness and/or co-occurring substance use disorders, to housing and community resources.

Pillars Diversion Program

Pillars Diversion Program is designed to eliminate the need to enter shelter by providing case management services off-site to individuals and families who are doubled-up with another household or precariously housed.

Pillars Case Management Program

Pillars Case Management Program operates across all programs to provide intensive one-on-one support, connection to necessary resources, and assistance in securing affordable housing and a living wage income. In addition to Street Outreach and Diversion, direct support includes Shelter Client Advocates, Social Security Assistance, Generalized Case Management, Addiction Recovery, Mental Health and Peer Support, Housing Stabilization and Tenant Relations.