An Ascend Success Story

Ascend is a semi-independent program of Pillars that provides supportive services and independent living skills for young adults living with mental health challenges. The Ascend program first opened in June of 2017. A member of the advisory board for Ascend reached out to Pillars with news about a young adult who this past year moved on from the program after two years at Ascend. The Advisory board member wanted to thank those working at Ascend. He acted as a mentor for a young man who was homeless and suffered from mental health challenges. After participating in the Ascend program, the young man was encouraged to move on from Ascend and live on his own. While he originally resisted the change, he is now renting an apartment in the area and working consistently while going to school. He thinks that his success is in large part because of his experience with Ascend. Regarding this young man and the Ascend program, the anonymous member says,

“This young man was homeless and suicidal when I first met him and started working with him many years ago; he easily could have ended up another tragic statistic, but I believe the Ascend program helped prevent a tragedy and instead has helped create a productive young adult who has a real future.”

The primary goal of Ascend is to quickly and dramatically improve the future life of at-risk young adults who are living with a mental health challenge. The Ascend program helps up to twenty young adults each year. 

Some of the young adults at Ascend learning about dinner etiquette.