Staff Members Assist with Habitat for Humanity New-Build for Long-Time Volunteer


Long-time Pillars volunteer, Brittany, is part of the Fox Cities Habitat for Humanity Homebuyer program. Her home, which she will share with her brother, Bradley, is currently under construction. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that partners with hardworking families in the community who may struggle to access safe and affordable housing. Their housing solutions include new home construction and the rehabilitation of homes in need of critical repairs.  

Habitat for Humanity relies on skilled volunteers to help accomplish its mission. As part of the building process, volunteers can sign up to assist at specific sites. When volunteer opportunities for Brittany’s home construction became available, the Pillars team was eager to volunteer their time. Staff members from Pillars Adult & Family Shelter recently participated in the building process, alongside Habitat for Humanity staff members, volunteers, and Brittany’s family.   

Brittany has been volunteering at the Adult & Family Shelter for over 12 years. Her role as Shelter Assistant is responsible for various critical tasks including working at the front desk, maintaining the cleanliness of the lobby, processing and labeling donations, creating client intake packets, and many other tasks.  

“To be able to give back to Brittany means a lot,” said Pillars’ Shelter Case Manager, Lindsey Schultz. “She’s given so much to Pillars, so being able to help her out with something in her life is great. We get to know our volunteers on a really personal level seeing them every single week at the shelter, so it’s awesome to be able to be here and see her house being built.” 

Pillars and Habitat for Humanity are both working to address housing issues in our community. “Pillars and Habitat for Humanity know how difficult the road to stability can be,” said Pillars’ Development Manager Alona Boots. “It’s really inspiring to see our two organizations come together again to address the housing needs in our community. We’re really thrilled to be here and we’re so proud and happy for Brittany and Bradley.”