So You Want to Give? What You Need to Know About In-Kind Donations

Every year, the giving spirit of people in our community overwhelms and humbles us. You play such an important role in meeting Pillars clients’ needs.

Pillars receives boxes and bags filled with items from generous people eager and excited to help how they can. Often, though, there can be a disconnect between what our clients need and what community members donate.

When you think about helping people experiencing homelessness, what needs come to mind? Hats? Gloves? Coats? Blankets? Socks? Hygiene products? There is a common focus on supplying those most basic needs through donations, especially during the holiday season.

With so many donations targeted at those basic needs, it does not take long for those needs to be met and storage space to reach capacity. Pillars services help people at all stages along their journey to housing stability. Depending on where clients are on that journey, their needs can vary significantly.

Pillars has created a wish list to help guide individuals to items that will make the greatest impact. That list includes items needed the most at each Pillars location. For example, Pillars Adult & Family Shelter needs pillows, laundry baskets, snack-sized items, and ethnic hair products. Pillars Resource Center is only asking for face masks.

Donors are encouraged to drop off donations at the Pillars location where those items are needed, as shown in the wish list. Anyone with questions about donating or dropping off items can call Pillars at (920) 734-9192.

By donating items that meet our clients’ specific needs, you help make Pillars services even better. You become a caring, compassionate partner in addressing housing needs in our community.