Volunteer Cookbook Revamped

Have you ever wanted to volunteer to be a dinner provider at Pillars but didn’t know where to start? Don’t sweat it!


Here at Pillars, we have been working hard to revamp our Volunteer Cookbook! Our new and improved cookbook has all the information you will need to volunteer to make dinner.

At Pillars, our mission is “from homelessness to coming home, Pillars provides shelter, support, and solutions to address the housing needs in our community.” One solution we provide for our clients is free meals. Breakfast and dinner are cooked and served by our awesome volunteers who we love dearly! Between our two shelters where meals are provided at, we are seeing 18 – 30% of shifts go unfilled for Dinner Providers. These numbers drastically fall in the summer months, 25 – 30% of shifts for Dinner Providers go unfilled and at times can get down to 50%. Despite that, we always find a way to serve food to our clients! You can be part of meeting that need!

Dinner meals are prepared for around 55 – 60 clients. If you are not used to cooking for that many people, it’s okay! We know how nerve wracking it can be this is why we made the Volunteer Cookbook. Most of the recipes in the cookbook have been cooked and served and are approved by clients!

Our goal with this volunteer cookbook is for our volunteers to use it as a tool. Life can get super busy and with this cookbook, you can sign up for a date to provide a meal on VolunteerHub, grab your cookbook, and head to the store. We went ahead and mapped everything out; ideas on what to make, how many ingredients you will need and how much of each ingredient you will need, directions, serving sizes, and cost range along with tips to make the preparation process even smoother!

Meals can be as simple or as creative as you would like. YES, you could order pizza. YES, you could make a steak house dinner! Meals at Pillars include an entrée, side dish, fruit and/or vegetable, and dessert which is optional but always appreciated! Drinks are provided by Pillars at both shelters.

Click the link below to access the new Volunteer Cookbook, Happy Cooking!