Volunteer of the Year 2023

This year’s Volunteer of the Year award recognizes a team of dedicated volunteers who stepped up to a new level in 2023. While Pillars was searching for a Volunteer Manager, these individuals went above and beyond to cover the duties of our full-time staff position in addition to their regular duties. These volunteers serve Pillars as Front Desk Assistants, Dinner Providers and Servers, Office Assistants, Shelter Assistants, and Van Drivers, but stepped up to another level of “Volunteer Leads” during our time of need.

Bill Cudnowski, Michael Mailand, Lisa Geiger, Colleen Ebben, Pam Garman, Tressa Campbell, Fawn Groothoff, and Jessica Drews were instrumental in the success of Pillars’ volunteer program in 2023. Because of their commitment to selflessly serving others both on the front lines and behind the scenes, we are proud to honor them as our collective Volunteers of the Year.

Bill Cudnowski

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Bill was our Volunteer Reporting Lead. He worked hard behind the scenes to make sure volunteer hours were counted and reported accurately. He has also spent many hours volunteering as a Front Desk Assistant at Pillars Adult & Family Shelter.